Top ten reasons to join a union

10 reasons to join a union

How to make your job even better.          

  1. Improved working conditions: If you find yourself dreading work, or feeling exploited, over-worked or undervalued, there is a solution. Union members work together to bargain better working conditions from employers. We provide a check or balance to the constant employer need to raise profits, often denying employees a proper life/work balance in the process.
  2. Fair layoff practices: If a layoff occurs, the union will ensure that severance packages are fair and that priority is given to length of service when determining who keeps their job. This provides job security for more senior employees who often have more invested in their working life and community and are less able to move. Junior employees know that one day they will be senior employees and will receive the same benefits.
  3. My boss is the worst!: We help ensure that job expectations are clear. When everyone knows the rules, and you have an expert representative in your corner, employees can be shielded from bad bosses.
  4. Don’t feel powerless or alone!: Unions offer a listening ear to all workers — especially those who feel alone or powerless in their jobs. Grievance procedures are built into union contracts, giving employees the power to be treated with respect.
  5. Better pay and working conditions: By bargaining together, unionized employees receive better wages than non-union workers. Prosperous employees make communities healthier and stronger by sharing the wealth. When it comes to vacation time, sick-leave and annual wage raises, the Union will fight for what is best for you.
  6. Job Security: Canadian employment rates, and the lack of good, full-time, employment is daunting. Being part of a union can help ease the worry of losing your job. Unions have the experience to negotiate contracts that will give you long-term security while still providing employers the flexibility they require.
  7. Benefits: Decent benefits should be part of every job. If that’s not the case for your current job, forming a union would ensure its part of your future. By negotiating together for contracts, unions will help get you a benefits package that meets your, and your co-workers, needs.
  8. Pensions: Are you prepared for retirement? Is your employer offering a pension that is fair and will ensure you can retire on schedule? Being part of a union will help you get a fair deal in your retirement years.

    Nationally, Unifor has been lobbying both the provincial and federal governments for better Canada Pension Plan benefits because we recognize that many Canadians do not have good workplace pension plans and it’s getting worse, particularly for non-union employees. Read more about Unifor’s fight so that all Canadians can retire in dignity, here

  9. Training opportunities: Unifor and Local 87-M offer many learning opportunities for members. Training can cover anything from conflict resolution to grievance handling; labour law to retirement planning; communications to health and safety. More information about training offered by the national union, Unifor, can found here. Post-secondary scholarships for family of Unifor members are also available as we recognize that the cost of education is growing out of reach for many Canadians. Learn more about this program here
  10. Working together — Stronger Together: The voice of many is much stronger than the voice of one. Working with your co-workers as members of a union you will have a much stronger presence when negotiating with management.

Together you can’t be ignored. We are ready to help — contact us to learn more about how you can form a union at your workplace:

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