Last year deadliest for journalists in a decade

A new study shows that the threat to journalists globally is getting worse.

As reported in the Guardian, human rights organization Article 19 found that 78 journalists were killed around the world for doing their job and another 326 were imprisoned last year.

The study concluded that the dangers of being the journalist were the highest they’ve been in a decade.

More than half of those imprisoned were behind bars in Turkey, China, and Egypt on charges of opposing the state.

Article 19 attributes the increased attacks to the rise of populist, authoritarian governments around the world and the threat of Internet censorship.

U.S. President Donald Trump, for example, makes charges of “fake news” against mainstream media organizations and was noted in the Guardian article for praising an assault on a journalist from that news organization.

“This hostile rhetoric has real world effects: murders across this region occur in environments where the media is demonised and insulted, including by public officials,” said the organization.