What does Unifor 87-M do?

What do we do

Employees come together to form a strong, unified voice.

Unions are best known for improving wages, benefits, job security, working hours and retirement plans through collective bargaining -- in other words, sitting down with management to negotiate a binding contract. But often our work takes place behind the scenes in resolving stressful situations or simply giving you a voice to express concerns.

If work has become stressful, or even if it’s going well, forming a union might be a good fit for your workplace. Great things can be accomplished when employees come together to form a strong, unified voice.

Unifor 87-M has been doing this since 1948 when a group of journalists at the Toronto Star took the bold step of forming a union. From that initial group, Local 87-M has grown to include 37 workplaces, or units, across Ontario in both media and non-media sectors. Our members work in journalism, advertising, radio, audio-video, printing, business offices, delivery, IT, research, promotions, education and more.

The need for workers to come together to improve wages, benefits and working conditions is as strong -- if not stronger -- today than it’s ever been.

If you want to make your job better tomorrow than it was yesterday, contact the skilled staff at Unifor 87-M for a confidential conversation about how and why you might form a union at your workplace.

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