Article IV - Executive Structure And Duties Of Officers

  1. Composition of Executive Committee
    1. There shall be an Executive Committee composed of the President, Treasurer, Secretary and six vice-presidents elected at large.
    2. Quorum for meetings of the Executive Committee shall be five of the nine officers and no business shall be transacted by the Executive Committee without quorum.
    3. Officers shall hold no permanent staff position with the Local.
  2. President’s Duties

    The President shall have full authority and responsibility to execute the policies and decisions of the union as established by the membership or Representative Council.

    The President as executive officer shall:

    1. Plan or supervise, personally or by delegation, all programs and activities necessary for the advancement and welfare of the local union, its constituent bodies and the membership.
    2. Be the official spokesperson for the union in all external relations and as necessary authorize others to speak on behalf of the union.
    3. Interpret these bylaws, the interpretations to be binding unless reversed by the Representative Council or the membership.
    4. Submit a report on the affairs of the local at each regular meeting of the Executive Committee and a written report to each meeting of the Representative Council, and give timely replies to queries by the Committee of Trustees.
    5. Be a member ex-officio of all committees and subordinate bodies of the Local and may attend or designate another officer to attend.
    6. Call or convene meetings of any subordinate body of the Local or the Representative Council or its committees.
    7. Preside over meetings of the general membership, Representative Council and Executive Committee.
    8. Call special meetings of the Representative Council.
    9. Assign duties, responsibilities and authorities to other officers and staff of the Local where such assignment is not prescribed by these bylaws.
    10. Appoint all staff of the Local subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
    11. Hold no other office in the Local nor be engaged in other employment, except by permission of the Representative Council.
    12. Receive salary and benefits which are 10 percent higher than the elected member's pre-election base wages and benefits or a minimum of the average key reporter rate at the Globe and Mail, London Free Press and the Toronto Star per year plus benefits, whichever is greater.
    1. Any decision of the President relating to staffing or any other matter that significantly affects a bargaining unit or the Local shall be subject to approval by the Executive Committee.
  3. Vice Presidents’ Duties
    1. The vice-presidents shall be responsible for Local communications, education, organizing, health and safety and other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.
  4. If President Unable to Serve

    The First Vice-President shall perform the duties of President in the prolonged absence of the President with compensation as provided in paragraph 2(l). The Treasurer shall perform the duties of President in the absence of the two senior officers with compensation as provided in paragraph 2(l). Should all three positions be vacant, the remaining members of the Executive Committee shall choose one of their number as interim president and another as interim treasurer with compensation as provided in paragraph 2 (1). Absence means a prolonged absence, and not a vacation, short-term illness or other authorized absence.

  5. Other Vacancies

    1. Vacancies in the post of Local Officers other than indicated in paragraph 5, above, shall be filled by the next Representative Council meeting. In the interim, the Executive Committee may temporarily appoint a member in good standing to fill a vacant Local office.

  6. Secretary’s Duties

    The Secretary shall be the custodian of the Local’s records, other than financial, and shall conduct routine correspondence of the Local, other than financial, and such other correspondence as may be directed by the President, and shall keep accurate minutes of meetings of the membership, the Representative Council and the Executive Committee.

  7. Treasurer’s Duties

    The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all funds of the Local under the direction of the Executive Committee, except that no authorization shall be required for routine office expenses. The Treasurer shall report on finances at all regular meetings of the membership and Representative Council and provide interim reports as requested by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall present all accounts and supporting documents for audit forthwith at the request of the Committee of Trustees of the Representative Council.

    The Treasurer shall provide the national Secretary-Treasurer with the Local’s audited financial statements.

    The Treasurer shall keep complete and accurate records of the membership, their addresses and dues standing. He or she shall be responsible for the application in the Local of the financial provisions of these bylaws, acting through unit secretaries in the case of members of units, and shall issue to unit secretaries, membership cards for persons admitted to membership, and other routine supplies required for their work.

  8. Financial Oversight

    1. All signing officers and all officers and employees authorized to handle Local funds shall be bonded in an amount and manner to be determined annually by the Representative Council.
    2. The fiscal year of the Local union shall be the calendar year. At the end of each fiscal year, there shall be an independent professional audit of all accounts which are under the direction of the Representative Council, and the results shall be made available to all members of the Local.