Article VIII - Union Counsellors

  1. Duties and Term of Office

    1. Union Counsellors shall be appointed by the Executive Committee with due consideration to the qualities necessary to perform the duties of the position.

    2. Union Counsellors shall act as information and referral agents to help solve fellow workers' concerns of a personal nature such as financial, drug or alcohol, family welfare or legal problems, which do not normally fall within the scope of the Collective Agreement or other union services.

    3. Union Counsellors shall ensure that all cases of employee discipline are referred to a steward or their Unit Chairperson.

    4. Union Counsellors shall maintain confidentiality at all times in performing their duties.

    5. Union Counsellors shall be accountable to the Chief Steward and/or to the Unit Chairperson.

    1. The Executive Committee will deal with complaints in regard to a Union Counsellor's performance.

    2. The Executive Committee shall have the final authority to remove a Union Counsellor from office.