Article X - Associate And At-Large Members

Should there be any conflict between the provisions of this article and the Unifor Constitution, the Unifor Constitution shall prevail.

  1. Members of Local 87-M who are retired, permanently laid off or on leaves of absence from their employment may become associate members. Such members will not be required to pay dues.

    The Local, at its absolute discretion, may allow freelancers and/or other persons with a past or present involvement with the Local to become associate members for a term determined by the Local, and may require such members to pay dues at special category rate.

  2. Subject to the provisions of subsection 3 below, associate members will have the right to:

    1. attend general membership meetings;
    2. identify themselves as associate members;
    3. participate as otherwise determined by the Local.
  3. Associate members will not pay per-capita dues to Unifor. As such, they will not be eligible to:

    1. vote at general membership meetings;
    2. vote in Local elections or hold Local office;
    3. be selected as a voting delegate to the Unifor convention, Unifor Media Council or any other Unifor decision-making conference or body;
    4. be selected to represent the Local or Unifor at labour councils, conventions of the Ontario Federation of Labour, Canadian Labour Congress or any other decision-making labour conference or body;
    5. vote on any matter concerning the allocation of the Local’s budget or defence fund.
  4. The Local may allow staff, past members or other persons with a past or present involvement with the Local to become members-at-large for a term determined by the Local. Such members will pay per capita dues to Unifor on a regular basis and enjoy all the rights and privileges of regular members.