Get Ready for Retirement

What is Unifor doing to protect all Canadians’ pensions?

Today, more than 60% of Canadians have no workplace pension plans, decreasing their ability to retire with dignity. Unifor worked hard to successfully encourage decision-makers to expand the Canada Pension plan in 2016 and to roll eligibility for Old Age Security back to 65 from 67. But most people will need more than CPP and OAS to achieve their retirement income goals. They will also need good employer pension plans and other savings. 

Prepare for your retirement

If you are interested in learning about how to plan for your retirement — the government of Ontario has laid out a simple guide of what you need to know to ensure your standard of living.

If you have questions about how your workplace pension plan works, is being challenged, or isn’t part of your employment contract or terms, we can help.

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